Finding Measure, horizon ruler. 2014. 

Our world is expanding infinitely; the boundary of the finite is constantly being redefined by the advancement of technologies. In order to come to terms with new scales of realities, we need original tools to allow us to embody these scales. Conventions of measurement stem from their traditional contexts and collide with universal orders.
The unit, the individual;
The increment, the timeline;
The dimension, the context;
The scale, the exaggeration, the conflict of parts and wholes...
The universal order of the metric scale, capturing the dimension of the earth at 1cm = 1km;
combine with the specialized order of the katana, scaled uniquely to user, context and timeframe,
to generate a notion of measurement in relation to our spatial-temporal existences.
Instruments of measure, from observatories on ground to satellites in the sky, construct our world.
Within a microscope we can see the expanse of the cosmos; within a telescope, minute atoms.
The one who understands the value of measures, is given the right to make the measures, and determine the measurements. The toolmaker, the tool and the tool user. The ruler and the ruler become one. 
“No world map is, or can be, a definitive, transparent depiction of its subjects that offers a disembodied eye onto the world. Each one is a continual negotiation between its makers and the users, as their understand of the world changes.” – Jerry Brotton, cartographer
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